• How to Apply the Heat Transfer Labels
    • 2021-07-15
    How to Apply the Heat Transfer Labels

    Heat transfer label Apply Process and Important Notes: 1. Set Machine: Temperature 150C Degree, Time 12 seconds, Pressure 3KG 2. Use testing fabric to test before official applying 3. Usually, for one or two colors items, peel off the small plotting sheet after cool, if not strongly attached to fabric, please increase the pressure little bit; if attached well, but out of shape, please decrease the...

  • Advantages of Woven Label
    • 2021-06-18
    Advantages of Woven Label

    Advantages of Woven Label It’s important for customers to understand the advantages of woven labels, to decide what option will work best for their needs before placing the order. How label comes out Woven labels are produced on a loom machine, each pattern and word are weaved by recycled yarns. Our advanced woven weaving machine can let you customize your own fabric labels and tags with nearly li...

  • Reasons To Use Leather Patch For Your Product
    • 2021-06-18
    Reasons To Use Leather Patch For Your Product

    Reasons To Use Leather Patch For Your Product The high-quality material never goes out of fashion and is an effective way of elevating a garment. Your aim is to make clothing as desirable as possible to a prospective customer and a leather patch is a great way of achieving this. Leather has been in use for several centuries, and its durability, versatility, even attractiveness means it is still in...

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